1. Into The Light 4:01
2. Dance In The Question 5:46
3. In Grace 6:09
4. Trickster 3:55
5. Simple Heart 7:18
6. Journey Without Distance 8:11
7. Earnestly, Tenderly 7:01
8. Prayer 5:26
9. Never Defeated 6:15

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CD design by Susanna Ronner Graphic Design
Photos by Juliet Varnedoe Photography
All compositions by Francesca Tanksley,
Ninth House Music, SESAC
P © 2002 DreamCaller Productions
All Rights Reserved

Francesca Tanksley - piano
Clarence Seay - bass
Newman Taylor Baker - drums

Special Guest Vocalist:
Judy Bady - vocals on Prayer

Accolades for Journey, Francesca's Debut CD:

"A fine debut." –David Dupont, Cadence

"Francesca is poised to take her rightful place in the higher echelon of today’s modernists both as a pianist and composer. Her first CD is proof positive." –Jimmy Heath

" It’s music that moves from the serene to the furious … there's not a phony or forced note in the set. In fact, Journey improves with each listening." –Rich Scheinin, Mercury News

"Above all else, the CD reflects a strikingly mature artist who has successfully integrated a spiritually exhilarating approach to music with an intelligent, well crafted command of her instrument, in conjunction with the trio as a whole." –Tom Pierce, allaboutjazz.com

"This group breathes in as well as bellowing out, and performances are formed and re-formed accordingly." –Tom Perchard, The Wire

"The players are telepathically sympathetic … Journey fuses mainstream, straight-ahead values like melody and swing with an original character." –Seth Rogovoy, The Berkshire Eagle

"One can hear and feel in this superb unit that defining essence of some of the classic trios of the 60’s – the introspection of Bill Evans, the swing of Wynton Kelly, and the dynamism of McCoy Tyner – and still never lose sight of the fact that this is the Francesca Tanksley Trio." –Hal Miller

"Whether it’s a shimmering tremolo or a metric shift in rhythmic feel, Tanksley seems to have a knack for adding just the right elegant touch to her well-crafted songs; each song has a distinct personality, which the tight-knit trio acutely taps into." –Randy Nordschow, The New Music Box

"You know ... as I listened to Francesca's new CD, I was moved and again made aware of the fact that she is truly gifted as an artist. Ms. Tanksley seems to have the God-given quality to set up her solos and compositions in such a way that the listener feels comfortable enough to open up and listen with their hearts, and once this does occur, there seems to be a recognition of 'heavenly communication' between the artist, the music and the listener. Listen!!!" –Billy Harper

"The new Francesca Tanskley CD is the most exciting piano album I've heard since Brad Mehldau's 'Largo' - it's filled with ideas, it's daring, it's original. I absolutely love playing it." -James Bickers, WFPK-FM jazz host

"I'm a man who takes pride in knowing my pianists, and I'm going, 'WHO IS THIS?' What a breath of fresh air. Very angular ... like Monk meets Brubeck! Knocking me out!" -Brad Stone, Music Director of KSJS-FM, San Jose
lyrics for


is so precious
is so precious
give us what we need
to survive
you have the power
simple, oh so simple
you have the power
lead us to the real
show us the way